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Young Professionals & Workplace Harassment

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

I said it.

I am honestly considering creating a young female professional group. I should probably back up and explain since I am sure this post has many of you thinking:

"Why would Morgan post this...There is no way she could possibly relate to this topic?" Sadly, I relate all too much to inappropriate and toxic workplaces. Thank God I am not in a position where I currently can relate, but in the past jobs where I could - It seemed thats just how the "real world" operated. Now that I know young female professionals DESERVE better and disrespect is NOT the norm, I want to spread the word to all young professionals that you DO NOT have to put up with toxic, harassing and discriminatory work environments. Ever.

What would this young professional group focus on? Well, multiple challenges young professionals face in the workforce but the number one cause I would focus on first? Hands down: harassment / discrimination in the workplace.

Simply put, the same resources I searched for 4 years ago, are the same non-existant resources I see now in regards to young professionals dealing with toxic work environments & worse, harassment.

  • Who teaches you how to quit a job?

  • Who teaches you how to face someone who has harassed you behind a dredged closed door and say "this is my formal resignation".

Myself, I taught myself and that shouldn't have to had been the case. What's worse, is to see minors in a position of fear to speak out. It has me thinking, did I fail them? Was I not a mentor to enough young women around me to make sure they knew they can always speak up and walk away?

I am so happy I knew right from wrong and when to eventually walk away from multiple forms of harassment. I am thankful I have a husband and parents that have nothing but support for me and what I was once experiencing. This toxicity & harassment came from people who should NEVER have made it to a position of ownership or power - sadly they do and sadly too many women BOTH minors and adults (like I once did) face disgusting, unruly and discriminatory men AND women daily.

I guess no one likes a woman who speaks out. I am sure it comes as no surprise to know I am a woman who feels free to speak, and the judgement does not phase me if it means telling another young professional they are not alone and that unfortunately harassment & discrimination in the workplace still exists in many forms. I know the world is still good & that appropriate and respectful workplaces exist too! Even for the new and young professionals....

In my personal story, it took multiple pages of logging harassment through inappropriate behavior, comments, actions etc. all timestamped, with a location and full names of who was present for each offense - before I finally walked out the door. It should have taken one time for me to walk away, but it is easy to make excuses for others and that is just what I did. What I have now learned is: excusing bad behavior allows people to continue to do it to others. No matter how professionally you make an exit - Some people simply chose to ignore their own shortcomings.

Today, I challenge any business owner, professional, co-worker, human resource professional, etc... to FORCE change in your place of work and to SPEAK OUT when you see harassment, discrimination or toxic environments. This is not just limited to harassment, a toxic workplace is bad enough and certainly discrimination is just as bad. As uncomfortable as you may be - we are all responsible for forcing change in our workplace.

After all, I know the first person to leave their job is always the harassed and never the harassers.

Don't ever feel bad for demanding the respect you deserve as a young professional or person.

Now if you don't mind, Im off to figure out how to get this young professional group up and running....


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