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What I Have Learned In A Week

Just when I thought I couldn’t learn any more. Life served me a one week course in change. As some of you may or may not know, I recently packed up and moved to San Diego for a few months. Let me interject to once again, thank my parents, family and friends for supporting me in this move. I am, in the most basic words, beyond blessed to be in San Diego and involved in a PR internship with a top international boutique firm, J Public Relations. I also was recently rewarded with a trip to Palm Springs by PINK after finishing my two years of work with them.

Over the past week, I learned a few things. Starting with my journey out to the West, I learned saying goodbye is still not easy. I am at my furthest distance yet from the people I love. I am humbled that God graced me with people who make saying goodbye to, so difficult. I have learned in a city almost four times the size of Cincinnati, you may still feel alone. If I open the windows, I can hear conversations of all my homeless friends outside and it makes me feel a little better. (LOL). I am becoming comfortable being alone, and that is a lesson I thought I would never want to learn, but I was wrong.

On the flip side, I have learned I am capable of more than I credit myself to be. I am navigating the city like a pro. I am choosing to ignore the fact that today I failed to navigate my own apartment complex, as I found myself trying to unlock an apartment that wasn’t mine. I won’t mention how long it took me to notice. *Palm to forehead*. I was convinced at the time someone was in my apartment robbing me and not letting me come in. That should give you a time reference. This past week I have learned now more than ever,

sometimes, you have to laugh out loud at yourself. No matter how uncomfortable you feel when the homeless man blows you a kiss and winks at you, just laugh.

I learned that while I am in a new city, I should stick to the theme of “new”. New workouts, new food, new walks around the city and new people. I am choosing to push myself out of my comfort zone, or rather, my comfort zone is forcing me out so I have to adapt. I have also learned that it is possible to never leave your home again thanks to Amazon Prime and grocery delivery services. I don’t recommend never leaving home again, but if it had to be done, update…it’s possible.

After a conversation with my Pappy tonight, he told me stories about when he was in the Army and moved to a new state. He told me stories of when he slept by himself, did nearly anything just to get a glass of milk (which was rare for the time). He told me about when he asked his mother for five dollars and that he got paid once a month. Now, that’s difficult.

During all of the trials in the last seven days, I thought those lessons were road blocks, difficulties. I have learned that my life is not difficult because I moved. It isn’t difficult because I am alone. In fact, my life isn’t difficult at all. It is extremely bright and colorful.

This too, is something I learned over the past week. I am living a life full of opportunity and blessings. Ironically enough, this new move and adventure has taught me one thing most importantly, that is not to be confused with difficulty.

What I didn’t know, was that I had so much yet to learn. How fortunate am I to be learning this much in such short time?

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