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Use me, God

Updated: Sep 11, 2018

Use me, God

Show me how to take who I am,

Who I want to be,

& what I can do,

& use it for a purpose greater than myself

That’s all I want.

I feel like I pray for this every minute of every day. Especially during a major time of life transition.

Have you ever seriously thought about your purpose in life? On a spiritual level – why did God bring me here? Of course to be a daughter, sister, future mother… but why me? Why here? Why now?

Why is our purpose not something of a name tag we can just label ourselves with and carry on through life?

Finding your purpose in my eyes – is the deepest form of soul searching. I’m finding myself wondering – does everyone else know their purpose? Is it being spelled out to me and I’m missing it? What is my freaking purpose and does anyone else feel like they’re falling short of it?

Let’s be honest, it isn’t energizing to not know or understand the reason you exist. If you’re not spiritual, this still applies to you. It’s just not as simple as I’m here just because. Someway – somehow, you were meant to be living and breathing in this exact moment. Why?

God never seems to share the “what” or “why” but even in the darkest of times he equips you with the tools to figure it out yourself. The number one thing people seem to always ask God is: Why? It is something that frustrates me to hear because life is just NOT that simple. It is not our place to ask but instead, to figure it out. Yet, I find myself asking that three letter question out of laziness and frustration when it comes to my purpose. 

You have to do the dirty work sometimes and think: What is God telling me?Challenge yourself to figure it out using His guidance.

So, over the months I have come to realize some things that I think God is telling me and that honestly keep me sane when I start to overthink this world we live in and what more I should be doing:

  1. Your purpose is not singular – you can, will and should find many

  2. Your purpose is not hand delivered in a crystal clear message – FIND the purpose God is placing in your life and make everything you do purposeful through His eyes

  3. Your purpose changes with you – through every point in life you’ll be led to a new mission, follow it and follow through

It is hard to remember when you want your why answered and you feel like it’s falling on Deaf ears. Sometimes, I just need to tell myself: I am living out my purpose daily. I will not fall short. He is still leading me and when it comes down to it… I may not always know but I will always trust and follow why MY God has created ME. 

Lord help me to forget the purpose I made for myself, let me see clearly who you created me to be.

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