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The First Thing I Will Say, When I Lift My Hands To Pray

I know today will be one of those days. I will lie down in bed probably early for myself because today has just been a day that makes me think uncontrollably. I will lie down in bed, and continue to think. I will lie down in bed and eventually I will say my nightly prayers. When I’m lying there in bed tonight, the first things I will say when I lift my hands to pray…thank you.

I thought I was having a rough week. I am tired, I want to go home, and I want to be done with school. I just want to see my brother graduate, and see him complete this step in his life. I want to see my family, who I’m tired of just hearing through a small speaker on my phone. I will see my dogs and smell their awful breath and to be honest, one of them will probably let out an excited fart. I want to be in my own bed, and have a day to sleep in. I want to do all these things that make me happy. Be it big or small, they are an option for me.

This afternoon, I realized I wasn’t having a rough week. I may be emotional, and ready to give up. I may have let people get the best of me who didn’t deserve to. That is no excuse for me to sit here and say that my week is hard. Superficial problems so quickly take importance in our life. This year, real problems have started to come to surface and tug on my heart. These real life problems have changed the way I think. And from today’s blog, I’m hoping it changes them for you too.

I am not having a bad day, bad week or bad month. I am healthy, I get to go home to my happy and healthy family, I get to sleep in a warm bed, I get to squeeze my fat dogs, my brother gets to graduate. We all get to keep living life unbound by anything that could stop us from doing life to our full potential. I have God to thank for it all.

I’m sad that the circumstances that unfolded this year have brought me to this blessing of seeing my life in a more positive light. Today, I saw an update about a young beautiful girl who went to my high school. She is fighting Glioblastoma, after previously (pardon my French) kicking cancers ass in high school. Though I don’t know her well, she is important and a role model to a lot of classmates I graduated with. People who are close to me in my life today love her and adore her. She is fighting and has been, for every breath, for every smile she can squeeze out to her family, and for her life. Today, her update, made me hurt.

It made me hurt and it made me mad that I thought I was having a tough week. It made me mad when I heard people complain about the superficial problems this world focuses on. I didn’t used to be this appreciative. I have personally grown my faith in life just by watching this family’s faith in God, their daughter, and in the power of prayer only grow in this experience.

I pray, that other people don’t have to learn this lesson of appreciating every single second of your life the hard way. I hope, that this world can become less superficial, and more sincere. I wish, bad things didn’t happen to good people. Too often, they do.

I go back to what I always say. Someone would kill for your “problems”. Life is too short for a lot of things. You don’t have time to forget to say thank you, to whomever you think it’s owed to. You don’t have time to be ungrateful. You don’t have time to be superficial. You don’t have time to be a selfish friend, or significant other. No, you don’t have time to be any of this when life flips upside down.

The amount of things that change when you become a positive grateful person is everlasting. Don’t waste another day not realizing the many blessings in life. After all tomorrow isn’t a given and there’s barely enough time as it is…you’re not having a bad day.

So tonight, the first things I will say when I lift my hands to pray…thank you.

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