• Morgan McVey

The Affordable "Gucci" Belt...

You know when you see the newest trend and you’re like, oh boy what does this one cost? I was just going to wait for the @gucci belt trend to fade out - but FYI it looks like it’s here to stay! • So, I went where I would go if I wanted to buy anything else for cheaper than what it is... (@amazonfashion ) and sure enough I found a knockoff! • Yes, for the ppl in the back I said knockoff!!! Did you know those belts go for like $450! That’s like 20 pizzas! Pizza > Gucci. Sry, not sry. • This cowhide leather belt with gold buckle cost $15.99...and tbh if I wanted to be sneaky I could make you all think that was the real gucci belt. • But i’m not sneaky, just tryna help all you gals be fashionable but also - savvy with your $$$. (they have 2 belt size options! I have the 105cm) PS: my jeans and body suit top are both @giannibiniofficial (Shocker) • Shop it here 🛒: Women's Cowhide Leather Belt Gold... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07CWPMDJR?ref=yo_pop_ma_swf #ThanksAmazon #AmazonPrime#AmazonFashion #Gucci #GucciBelt#AffordableFashion #WorkingGirl#AllBlackEverything

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