• Morgan McVey

Stop Believing The Lie That You Have To Be Something You're Not

Updated: Sep 19, 2018

You don’t.

At least i’m not and I challenge you to do the same. This world we live in is so dangerously routine driven that people start to lose their flair and their light. Because that’s just part of it, right?

NO! Stop believing the lie that you have to follow the path that everyone else follows, too. If you honestly forget what that flow looks like:

*Graduates high school, has to go to college, must get four year degree, hurry up and find a first job so you don’t look like you don’t have your life together (even if that’s SO not the problem), start off low and small, stray away from input and promoting change. Just act like an adult. Don’t dream too big, too soon*

...and so on until maybe the day you finally make it? Just in time for you to have forgotten who you are, what you’re about and what you honestly wanted to be.

I have one programmer, if you will, in my life and it is God. I am second in command and I have just about had it with the expectation that I should just fall in line… that everyone, should just fall in line.

Stop believing the lies that you can’t have it all. That no 22 year old can be successful. You simply don't have enough experience watching others. My personal favorite, that you have to start somewhere and that somewhere... is the bottom. I blame everyone for feeding into these lies because it is really as simple as believing in yourself and in others you encounter.

When was the last time you told someone to go for something they’d been dreaming of? When was the last time you said be different! Go crazy! Do what YOU want!

I keep referring to this burning passion. The quote I referenced last week was, “be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire”. I have a huge bonfire for about a party of 20 people building in my soul right now and I can not help but be determined to tell anyone who needed to hear it today - to STOP believing the lies.

You are smart and you DO have experience, even in your 20’s. I have lived in more cities and held more jobs than most adults I know! You don’t need to be older. You don’t need to color inside the lines! You don’t have to feel bad for wanting more for yourself.

Fact: you cannot fail by standing out and being different. You know how you fail?

Failure happens when you follow suit and swim with the regular flow of fish in the sea. Swim against the current. Do what you want, for yourself because you know you are better then what people assume. You are in control of your life and journey, not society. Don’t settle for status quo.

That one year, one moment or one time that you gave yourself up to society's expectations, is a moment society missed out on you.

So be fearless in the pursuit of yourself every single day. After all, I don’t know a single successful person that swam with the current.

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