• Morgan McVey

Putting My Basket In The Water

I’m back in Knoxville, and anxious to say that tomorrow is the start of my junior year of college. I am still on the same minor as I entered school in, Public Relations. While at the same time, headed towards a double minor in business and communication studies.

Since leaving for home at the end of last year, it was safe to say I couldn’t make that 4-hour drive go any faster. A much-needed summer, away from the stress of college and life was exactly the cure for my sophomore year and I. Academically, I came out the best I ever have in school. I continue to do well with my schoolwork and I actually found it to sometimes, be easier than life.

Don’t get me wrong; I am incredibly blessed to be at the University of Tennessee, and to have parents who support me in every way to be here. I am so thankful every year for my health, as well as my family’s that allows me to be active in college and living life unbound. I’m grateful for the opportunities that awaited me sophomore year, even if it meant getting stuck in the NY blizzard. I am blessed in every way to be here doing the things I am, but I would be lying if I said last year was a breeze.

My expectations for the year seemed un-filled and tasks felt impossible. The worst, and probably hardest part for me to understand was that I couldn’t control anything that went wrong last year. It seemed to be never ending and unbearable to do alone, with my support system over 200 miles away. Though I will say, with their help I got through sophomore year and they never stopped picking me up and encouraging me to look ahead at the things to come.

So, as the clock ticks until I start junior year, I thought I would give my best advice to anyone who might have had a year like mine, and is searching for the best year yet. I had prepped myself all summer about being optimistic for things to come. I kept reminding myself to let the little stressors go, life will figure its way out. I was worried about getting into a few classes that I had to get into for my major, but I learned to remind myself that I have no control over UT only offering one class, on one day a week. All these little things I coached myself on this summer, were in preparation for how to deal with junior year, so that the outcome can be different than last year.

I still found myself in doubt as constantly reminded myself of my mission for this year. I couldn’t find the right words to tell myself that would just make the change start. I knew what I wanted and how I needed to get there, I just couldn’t find the starting line. So, the over thinker that I am, got to thinking.

I learned two things last year. I learned that you cannot control most aspects of your life. You can’t control when friends come and go, you can’t control when you or someone else faces hardships, you can’t control your professor who is out to get you, you can’t control people who don’t want to be sincere with their actions or thoughtful to others. After learning the first lesson that had so many more uncontrollable aspects for an entire year, I finally taught myself the second lesson: the ONLY thing you can control…is how you respond to it all.

So last week, as I passed the Tennessee state line, and left Kentucky and Ohio behind, this time just felt different. Yesterday, I knew exactly how to put that different feeling into words that will remind me everyday exactly how I’m going to have my best year yet. Hopefully, it will click with anyone else in my position, as much as it clicked with me…

I’m going to put my basket in the water and let it float to wherever God intends for it to go. I won’t steer it, I won’t touch it, and I wont turn it around, speed it up or slow it down. I’m just going to put my basket in the water.

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