• Morgan McVey

Pleasantly Surprised

It wasn’t until these last few days that I realized my summer in San Diego was coming to a close. My departure is rapidly approaching. I have found myself scrambling in the lasts of my want-to-see list that I made before anxiously arriving in California.

I fell in love with a new culture, expanded my taste buds to lean more toward healthy and seafood, I don’t remember what a rainy day is and I experienced what life is like when you re-center yourself in its scope (in the least selfish way possible). That’s not to say I still don’t love Knoxville in-land sushi and fried food. Sometimes, I miss a good rainy day.

I’m the same Ohio girl, with roots that spread to Tennessee and now reach across the country to California. I have so many more goals that I never knew I would set for myself. I’m already losing sleep on how to achieve them. I have a LOT more appreciation for my parents and how much I will forever be indebted to them. (If someone ever finds the key to re-paying your parents – LET ME KNOW)

One thing I was most pleasantly surprised with, is that this summer in California hasn’t been a flat ride. I started homesick, homesickness turned into make the best of it, make the best of it turned into succeed in it, and success turned into “I can’t believe I was scared of this”.

Anyone who knows me will vouch that I like to be in-control, I like to make the plans, know the weather in advance, give my opinion and stay in charge. I never knew a lesson in life that would train me to behave otherwise. Until I met this summer.

This summer, I let go, I was less careful and more carefree. I decided to give everything I did here my all and let that be enough. I got out every day and saw the water meet the land.  I went to work begging for new projects and lessons. I ate food that I can’t pronounce and pretended to know where I was going. I ran from anything usual and drew new lines to my comfort zone.

I’m anxiously waiting for Connor to come out to visit this week, we will snorkel, kayak, day-trip to LA, visit the zoo and eventually jet off to Vegas to see my parents and other family friends. I know these last few weeks will fly by.

So before I get lost in more adventure, I just wanted to say:

I’m pleasantly surprised

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