• Morgan McVey

If You Give A Girl A Chance

Seventy-Nine days. That’s how long until graduation. The past four years now come down to the next 11 weeks. I can’t help but to have reached the point but to scream when someone says that infamous line:

“So, what are your plans for after college?”

I’d like to tell them I haven’t thought about it – but we all know me and the fact is I have thought about it since the first day of freshmen year. Who am I kidding? I lose sleep over this topic. In short, job searching is basically filtering job applications from right-for-me and that sounds like a headache.

I get calls from places that were sold my information from bogus job sites. So now, on top of it all when I am hopeful for a phone call, I get someone telling me about credit score or getting my Jeep serviced. Unless you have an opening in your public relations department, please delete my phone number!

I have spent the past weeks networking and really reaching out to anyone and everyone who will hopefully recognize my passion for my future and the work that I do. I am trying to match up my interests with another company. I am attending conferences, brushing up on software and looking at growing trends in my field.

I am embracing the grind that comes with securing that first job, the internships, the dirty work, the cold calls and the strange tasks. Ever since I started job-hunting if you will, I have realized it comes down to one thing: Who is going to give this girl a chance?

I imagine giving a college graduate a chance, would look a lot like the children’s book, “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie”. How so you may be thinking? It is simple. If I am given the chance to enter the field I have spent the last four years studying, it opens the doors that I can’t otherwise open. This first job is the golden ticket, the buried treasure and the be all end all. (Those of you ready to retire are probably laughing at the amount of pressure I am putting on this).

Think about it though. We go to high school, some go to college, some get their degree and ultimately we do it all for what? A j-o-b!

That’s all young graduates are itching for at this point. The starting line, the beginning, the first page of their first corporate chapter. Those internships are done, the hours have been credited, the foot is in the door and that last step is to secure the job.

So from a bottom feeder who fully intends to be at the top of the food chain someday; I hope I always remember the message behind what really happens if you give a mouse a cookie. That mouse that gets a cookie, also gets everything else that flows from that one cookie craving.

Just like if you give a girl a chance…she is going to hit the ground running and open every last door there is.

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