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Doin' The Dang Thing

Hi all,

In a moment of self-reflection the other day (AKA the past month & wee hours of the night) I decided it was finally the right time to take my writing and just run with it. I am a working woman (and loving my new job), done with college and still find myself curious about all of life’s avenues. Restraining myself to one mold or box just doesn’t fill me up inside (shocking), so I am going to turn my real life into a story that I plan to share with all of you.

BEFORE you roll your eyes, give me a minute. In my mind, I’ve always thought of myself as that d-list blogger. I’m about sharing life details the good the bad and the ugly. I’m not into taking hours to get ready so I can take a picture of myself and see how many likes I get. To be honest, I hate coffee (working on it) so posting those cute latte pics aren’t my style either at least for now!

I’ve noticed such a self-centered trend in blogging. How neat would it be to have an influence, even if a small one, on real positivity that doesn’t involve just showing my skin, superficial products or a fake reality of relationships and a perfect life? To be honest, I don’t know if “real” sells anymore. But hopefully, if anything this trend of portraying realistic lifestyles will grow and the digital age can be a somewhat more kind and honest place.

When I think about ways to highlight my “brand” a few things come in mind. I want to share my love (and need) for Jesus, food, dogs, travel and living a simple life with the people (and pups) that I love most.

I want to show how Jesus works in this crazy life. I want to show what real working women can budget for when it comes to lifestyle shopping and beauty looks. I want to show realistic workouts and ways to eat clean but enjoy a cheeseburger, too!

So anyway, I guess this is the official, unofficial announcement that I am going to take on this whole blogging life and just try to do the dang thing. Not for followers or likes, but just because it’s something I want to fulfill and get after. If I can show just one person that people do in fact live simple and raw beautiful lives, I will be happy.

So here I go, I hope you’ll root me on from the sidelines, be encouraged by my posts and spread all kinds of realness and love to your neighbors and friends.

The first part of this journey is through SeneGence (lipsense) so please check me out on my FB page ‘Made Up with Mo’ and on Instagram @morgan_orlandomo and for beauty tips through SeneGence @madeupwithmo

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