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Affordable & Bubbly Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

YALL. I went a little bit overboard on my bridesmaid proposal boxes but I loved every second of it! Keep in mind as you read that I managed to spend about $40 per box when it was all said and done (don’t forget to see where I was gifted items, too! I didn’t include that in my cost). You can screenshot the photo on this blog and shop all the products directly on the LIKEtoKNOW.it app! Anything that I could not link on #LTK i have linked for y'all below!

First off, I have to say my favorite product that I received to include were the James Robert John nail polish that were sent to me in shade, “I Do”. HOW PERFECT?! You can shop all the JRJ polish colors here. The best part is that all 9 JRJ nail polishes are ​C R U E L T Y F R E E - V E G A N & M A D E I N T H E U S A! Aside from polish, JRJ has the cutest cheeky shirts and totes! I love love love this brand and that they thought of me and were so gracious to send me the perfect polish for my gals! (Price: $18 per polish)

Another favorite from my bridesmaid boxes were from The White Invite Gifts on Etsy / Insta. I got each one of my bridesmaids a champagne flute tumblr with their names on them! They are perfect for popping the bubbly that I threw in to each of their boxes. (I am all about the bubbles and #poweredbyprosecco). You can use my special code ORLANDOLIKETHECITY for 10% off The White Invite Gifts!

Of course I had to take a long walk down the Target beauty isle and found a lace mask (linked in the LTK app) for a reasonable price! So I threw that in because I am all about relaxation during this planning process!

While registry shopping at Dillards, I found some But First Rosè Rose Gummies from Sugarfina and threw those in too! Here’s the kicker...they tasted just like rosè!!! They added such a fun treat to my boxes and it was even better that they were actually tasty!

When it came to finding the right box that was cute but not overly priced - right before I hit “purchase” I got the bright idea to double check Amazon!! Sure enough, it never disappoints and I saved a lot and still got the high quality magnetic box I wanted for a better price. The 5 Bridesmaid boxes (linked here) were under $50 and I purchased my 2 Maid of Honor boxes (linked here) for less than $15.

Lastly - for a frustrating detail, paper fluff (crinkle cut paper stuffing) is way too overpriced so I gathered my troops (grandma lol) and we cut up some cheap sheets of tissue paper from Targèt for under $5!!! STEAL.

All my bestie gals loved their boxes and I am so excited to continue this wedding journey with seven incredible women by my side (literally). That’s all the deets for now - be back soon with more! Email or DM me with any questions I may have missed.


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