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This is my bread and butter. My writing is where you see my current favs, my up and comings and my heart and soul (yup, I write about just about anything this life has to offer. Lifestyle, Health, Wellness, Realistic Living, Work-Life Balance and so much more.

Pleasantly Surprised

It wasn’t until these last few days that I realized my summer in San Diego was coming to a close. My departure is rapidly approaching. I...

What I Have Learned In A Week

Just when I thought I couldn’t learn any more. Life served me a one week course in change. As some of you may or may not know, I recently...

Putting My Basket In The Water

I’m back in Knoxville, and anxious to say that tomorrow is the start of my junior year of college. I am still on the same minor as I...

Have A Good Day

Yesterday, I was sitting in a hotel lobby. I was distracted by a loud conversation-taking place just behind the wall where I was sitting....


My Life In A Square


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